How Search Works

How Search Marketing Works

Did you know that there are 250 MILLION searches every day on Google?
Many of the internet users in the US gather shopping information online and purchase offline.

Over 90% of all purchases are made at brick and mortar stores, a study by Yahoo and comScore found that consumers exposed to online marketing campaigns were more engaged and spent more dollars in physical stores than otherwise.

Good news!! –your search marketing campaigns drives offline sales – and you can justify this too!!

So, here’s how this “LOCAL SEARCH” thing works:

  1. Your prospect goes to their favorite search engine like:  Google/Yahoo/Bing/Best of the Web. etc.
  2. Then they type in what they are looking for like (item and geo-modifier
    Plumber Princeton NJ
  3. A map with local businesses appears on page
  4. Contact information for local businesses appears (user close to the top of the page)
  5. Once the prospect clicks on the link, it can open your local business listings page or go to a landing page or your web site?? 
  6. Your prospects can quickly and easily see all the contact information that your prospects need to find your local business.

Did you know?